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12/06/06 – Conception


1986 BMW 326rb = RB26DET in an E30 1

Picking up the motor tomorrow, the shell this weekend...2 If there is any interest, I'll keep you guys updated. 3

I got everything for 3500 bucks, which, if you know anything about pricing of the GT-R engine, that's a steal. The motor is out of a running skyline GT-R. It will be single turbo (I got my old rb26deT manifold that I made back). It comes with wiring harness, ECU, RB26 transmission (which I will have to cut the transfer case off of) and a Nismo triple plate clutch. 4

It's going in an E30 coupe (1986 328e) 5

I know this engine like the back of my hand, so it should be pretty straight forward. 6

Very early on, my ambition was a quick project with cheap parts.  This does not jive with my overall method of doing things the RIGHT way.  The initial budget for the car was 4000$ (less the cost of the motor).  It’s laughable to think that the wheels and ECU I purchased later nearly eclipsed this initial estimate.

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(1)       There are a few mistakes early on…  I initially believed the car to be an 86 when it was, in fact, an 87.

(2)       I definitely did not pick up the shell that weekend

(3)       There was actually very little interest on the Lotus Board, yet I continued to update the site regularly, simply because there WAS no interest.  It was easy for me to keep track of my own posts without them being cluttered by people asking me if I was keeping the AWD setup

(4)       I never did get the wiring harness or ECU.  The clutch was actually a Nismo 3 puck clutch.

(5)       I don’t think that a 1986 328e ever existed.

(6)       HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!