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12/30/06 – Power Steering Delete

 Next, I needed something that wouldn't take more than a day to do, so considering I am leaving on vacation tomorrow. Since there is no PS to be run on the car, we need to loop the PS lines. This is where the lines attached:


 With 2 banjo bolt style fittings like these:



 They both appeared to be on the same plane, so this is what Don and I came up with:



 The 2 small ports on the end will be tacked closed with weld. We went to the machine shop at work and hammered it out in an hour or so...




 Temporarily installed (still needs to be welded1):



 That's it for now. Expect the updates to resume on the 10th or 11th.

I might have to make this again… I have no idea where it is.  Between Don moving shop and the fact that it’s been a year, I’m dreading that it may be gone.  It’s still not welded either…


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(1) STILL needs to be welded.