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09/03/09 - Dashboard Installation and New Wing

OK, got back to work.

Here were my test fitting cuts on the dash.  It's a good thing that I have 2! (This one was cracked to shit anyway)

So then I got around to cutting it for real, with a holesaw.  It came out pretty good but there were some gaping holes on the backside...  had to think of something to cover them up...

So i still had some pre-preg CF left over from my closeoff...  I wish that the dash was a little flatter, as this would work a lot better.

I actually might change them to aluminum and screw them down.  Not sure, but it will work for now, and it's better than the big ugly holes.

I'm really hoping I can get the tunnel in there without removing the dash, I think I can.  I just need to find the plug for the wiper motor and the reverse sensor and install them with some long wires before I can put it on.

I am going to wrap the exhaust eventually, but not til winter, prob.  I wanna make sure there are no leaks...

And lastly I test fit my new MTech 1 wing, dropping that off for paint today...

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