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01/21/10 - Fuse block and wiring cont.

Since the kwikwire harness appears to have been designed by monkey, I had to disassemble the fuse block.  From kwikwire, the fan and fuel pump circuit went from the battery, through the ignition switch and into the fuse block.  I rerouted the buss bar to use constant hot power and then ran that to a relay...

Here is the main battery bus bar removed from the fuse block (removing it was not easy) that i tapped into.

And here is the completed jumper.  You can see the red 10AWG jumpers if you look closely:

Then I worked on the wiring some more...  everything in black is EFI harness and is done.  Everything in red is chassis harness and has been completed.  Everything in green is still to do....  sheeesh.

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