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01/24/10 - More wiring...

Some friends came over today to help! (Andy, Remington, Kevin (blue wire and fasterner), Mike, Jay, and Josh).  Got a lot done, but not a lot of interesting pictures to show for it.

The first task was wiring up the reverse light switch.  This should have been a 2 wire solder job, because I ran the wires into the passenger compartment before I put the tunnel on except that A) I had wired into the NEUTRAL safety switch and B) Neither switch worked!  So the exhaust midpipe had to come off, which was a huge pain, then the switches needed to be removed.  Fortunately, remington had an SR20 transmission in his truck... so we stole the swtches off that...  and THEY were broken too!  After cycling the switch about 200 times and cleaning it, though, we were able to revive it and reinstall the switch.  What a PAIN!

Next it was just wire wire wire.  Andy and Remington worked on the front lights, I hooked up the fuel pump, cleaned up some other wiring, wired the headlight/hazard and horn switches.  The horn required fabricating some parts to allow the quick release hub to to work with the horn button...  Finally, the HK horn button will actually WORK!

Also mounted the HID ballasts in the engine compartment:

The intercooler was also installed along with the charge pipes and BOV (need some clamps!).  Andy and Remi made a mounting bracket for the horn too (that's my stock Lotus Exige horn, top pic):

Here's a shot of the wiring diagram to show how much of the car is wired (black and red are both DONE)

And lastly...  heres a panoramic shot of my MESSY MESSY garage... sigh

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