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01/26/10 - Cluster/gauges...

Went snowboarding on monday (awesome), so I didn't get any work done, but I DID order a few things:

-Optima red top from summit: I thought about getting a dry cell battery, but figured a 30lb weight over the rear axle was good ballast...

-New front tires: My old tires (245/45/R17) fit into the wheel wells but rub considerably when turned.  The new tires (still Azenis RT-615) are 235/40/R17.  The new tires have an OD of 24.4 (stock is 24).  The old tires were 25.6...  This should give me the clearance I need.  I thought about getting 215/40s, but with such a front heavy car I need all the meat in the front I can get...  Plus that tire would probably need some stretch to get on there.  I hate tire stretch.

-Carbon fiber door cards.  This is something what they will look like installed (though I don't think I will be able to run the factory armrests because of my doorbars:

So then Tuesday rolled around.  I was itching to get some work done, but didn't really feel like wiring, so I decided to make a holder for my cluster.  I made a cardboard template, then cut it from some 18GA 6061.  It came out pretty well and is very sturdy...

I finished this at about 11:30pm, but still had some life in me.  Travis N came over and gave me a hand making a radio/gauge holding plate.  The face is more 18GA 6061, but since the radio sleeve applies a moment to it, we made a steel backing plate that everything mounts into.  It's a good thing no one can see this steel backing plate because we had a few issues with running a 60mm holesaw through 12GA HRS.  But the finished product came out well.  A note on the radio:  Since the painless kit is fully wired for a radio, I figured it couldn't hurt to toss it in there.  It adds maybe 5 lbs for the whole system.  Oh well.  The head unit is an alpine that came stock in my exige.  I will probably try to source some cheap rear speakers and use the stock lotus rear speakers up front (also alpine).  I wound up working on this until 4am!!!

A shot of this cluster:

And a few shots of both of them together:

That's all for now!

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