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01/27/10 - Sensors & dead pedal

Some days are just slow days.  I was REALLY tired after leaving work, so I didn't trust myself to do any wiring... at least nothing important.  The first thing I did was clean the garage a bit and reorganize.  That took almost 2 hours.  Josh came over w/ dinner. Remington came over to help.  Steve, jack and paul (amy) came over to heckle.  I worked on this stuff for nearly 4 hours, It was a lot of messing around, here's what got done:

Fuel pressure sensor mounted into the regulator.  I rubber mounted the boost sensor  next to it.  I think that I can make a clean T connection for the vacuum lines for the sensor and regulator.  I still need to loom all this stuff...

Next mounted the oil pressure sensor sending unit in the oil cooler housing.  This is the factory OPSU location. This was one of those "messing around" jobs.  Initially I had an extension hose that allows the sensor to be mounted off the motor on the firewall/fender, but it's just too much clutter, so I removed the hose and mounted it straight in.

Next installed the MAP sensor into a nice bracket.  Another source of time burned up.  The bracket was for a greddy sending unit, and had to be substantially modified to fit, but it turned out well.  Secondly, my initial plan was to remove the balance tube from the motor and drill and tap it, yet removing the balance bar without removing the plenum seemed to be nearly impossible.  Some of the hoses were on too tight to pull off...  at least from the angle we were trying to work at. So I conceded that I'll just run a vacuum line (albeit a short one) to the map, vs direct mount.  Here's a pic of that.  It's difficult to see, but it's there:

Also mounted the dead pedal.  That was probably the only job of the night that didn't involve much headache.  Just drilled 3 holes, viola! (It's a Massive Brakes dead pedal, btw)

The last thing I did was solder up all my gauge control modules into one nice assembly.  Every other car I've tried to do this on didn't come out that clean.  This time I finally got it.  I'll probably put a molex connector on the end and also grab the leads for the AEM UEGO as well.

I have band practice tonight, so IDK if I'll get anything done tonight or not.

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