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01/28/10 - Wiring... again

Got almost the whole car wired up last night.  Hardly any green left...  Woo

However...  Before I did all this, I had one of the WORST automotive related experiences of my life.  I stopped at Innovative Tuning to pick up some parts off a parts car they have... I needed a dif plug and a brake pedal switch.  Keep in mind it was 10 degrees and we just got almost a foot of snow.  Now imagine that the car has been T-boned HARD...  Right on the drivers side door.  It's pushed in about 12-16 inches.  UGH.

So I get the dif plug off without much fanfare.  It sucked laying in the snow, but whatever.  The brake switch...  the brake switch nearly killed me.  I entered the car headfirst through the driver's side window, squeezed in between the transmission tunnel...  and promptly got stuck.  One arm was trapped at my side the other behind my head.  My feet were out the windw and i was laying and twisted at a crazy angle... It was actually REALLY scary.  I was stuck there for a LONG time before I got out.  It was the worst fucking thing.  Ever.

I did manage to get the brake switch out, though.

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