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02/02/10 - 1" Master Cylinder

After some calculation and some consideration, I decided that my 13/16 master cylinder was not going to cut it for my 6 & 4 piston calipers.  I acquired a brake setup out of an integra, which uses a 1" master cylinder and a 10" diameter booster (the civic booster I was using was 9").  I polished the new master a little bit while remington (kuppler8) painted the brake booster (he did a really nice job).  Installing it was not easy.  In order to fit it in, I had to lift the motor up about 2" slide the booster in and lower it back down.  The fit is close.  I will certainly need to fabricate a heat shield for the master cylinder.  Fortunately one element that no longer sees any heat is the stock plastic master cylinder reservoir.  It has been replaced by a machined aluminm part that will have a fitting that ties it into the next item I installed... the brake/clutch fluid reservoir.

I made a bracket out of some aluminum to hold it.  The reservoir itself is actually a modified VW bus reservoir...  and was only 25 dollars or so.  I don't know how the hell they make it so cheap... Anyway, the mounting bracket was simple enough (though I was dreading making it).  I have to make 2 new brake that connect the master still, as well as tap the adapter cap for both a set screw and a fitting to tie it into the main reservoir.

Meanwhile, Mike (Evolution VIII MR) installed new speakers i recieved from Matt (zoidberg) in the rear of the car...  Only to find out that the left channel of the head unit was trashed...  fortunately I had another one, so I installed that.  

I'm still in the midst of fixing my throttle binding issues.  I ordered a BLACK LOKAR housing today, because I've read that they're stiffer, so we'll see if that helps.  I also "manipulated" the firewall a bit to help aim the bulkhead fitting more directly at the cable end.  (To do this I double-nutted a 3/8 bolt into the hole with some large, stiff washers and slid a pipe over the bolt.  Bending the pipe made a very nice angled divot in the cowl which, I feel, will be a huge improvement.)

Lastly, I put wire loom on the wiring harness in the trunk (I'm not going to loom the rest of the harness until I run the car though...)


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