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02/04/10 - Brake Lines for 1" Master

Stayed late at work and put a port on the top/side of my master cylinder adapter.  I also added 3 cone point set screws at 0, 120 and 240 degrees.  I also made the internal O-Ring groove slightly deeper using our new bridgeport rotary table...  mmmm.

Then, after dinner at Moe's, I started bending up new lines for the master cylinder.  One goes to the firewall (for the rear brakes), the other (front brakes, naturally) goes to a T fitting just below the master cylinder.  Both the lines bent up fairly easily, though the rear brake line required a few  VERY tight radius bends that my bender couldn't accomodate.  I usually use 2 box end wrenches to make these bends.  The only problem with that is it tends to mark up the line a bit.  Since it was a fairly visible area, I simply slipped some braided loom over the line for a cleaner look.  A bunch of people showed up: (BigE, Dale, Mike, Remi, Josh, Steve, Jack, John, Trevor)

Tightening the nuts on the lines was easy... for 3 out of the 4.  The last one, at the firewall fitting, was so incredibly tight...  Between the brake reservoir, the HUGE booster, the clutch line and the cage I could barely get a wrench in there.   I tried a few things, includding cutting up one of my 9/16 wrenches, all to no avail.  By this time it was pretty late and everyone had gone home.  Then out of the blue Andrew shows up and we were able to tag team it and get it tightened.  Next time I'll probably just loosen up the booster nuts a little bit to gain some clearance.  

I installed the cap for the master and tightened the set screws evenly.  I made up a line to connect the reservoir to the cap as well as installed the clutch feed line.  Here are some pictures of this setup:

I feel like there are no clomplete pictures of my engine bay, so I took a bunch (also got a lil clothing in there...)

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