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02/12/10 - Pre-startup details

I plan to start the car up very very soon, so I had to finish up a few details.


A painting misadventure.  We tried painting the remaining bodywork in a friends garage, but it was simply too cold.  All these parts need to be redone.  :(


Cam angle sensor trigger wheel replacement.  The AEM EMS works much better with a lower resolution CAS optical wheel (the OEM is 360-1), so they include it with the EMS...  Only thing is, the CAS is assembled and not meant to be taken apart...  Tamper proof screws, press fit bearings, etc etc.  I actually wound up breaking my stock RB one, but was able to use the guts from a 300zx one to make it work.  This is what a disassembled CAS looks like...  You really have to tear up the OEM trigger wheel to easily get it apart, I could do another one very simply, now:


Landed my best 540 on my snowboard.  It was off a pretty huge jump and I absolutely stomped it.  Sadly, no work on the car.


Tonight I did some pre startup stuff.The first thing I did was crimp the plug on the injector dropping resistor.  It went on easily, no problems.  I'm using a 3000GT resistor pack instead of the skyline one (150 dollars from ebay vs. FREE from FinalGTS ♥)

Then I filled the transmission, transfer case (what's left of it) and the diff with redline gear oil. I thought the transfer case actually tied into the man transmission body, but that wasn't the case, so I wound up overfilling the transfer case by a LOT.  I had drain it and start over, which resulted in me getting gear oil EVERYWHERE...  However, I have a pretty solid method for filling transmissions through the side plugs: drill 2 holes into the cap of the bottle.  Insert one clear 1/4ID hose through the cap and all the way to the bottom of the bottle, drill a second hole that your blowgun fits easily in.  Regulate your line pressure down to about 20psi, blow air in the bottle and it forces all the oil up the tube into the transmission, as long as you have a semi tight seal you can empty a quart of gear oil into the trans in about 30 seconds...  so easy...!

Having the transmission full allowed me to reinstall the shifter, so I slapped that in, then put on this accordion shift boot.  I love the "no fucks given" look of it:

That's it for now!!!

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