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02/17/10 - Rear valence, side skirts and fender flares

Saturday, after the waterpump fiasco, Bryan helped paint the rest of the bodywork.  Since the paint is SOOOO transparent, and the final color is directly related to the number of coats of paint.  Since the parts weren't painted at the same time as the car, they're a little off color.  This isn't too apparent in natural light, but under flourescent lights, its painfully apparent.  Oh well.  I'll fix it in the future, I guess.  Or use some vinyl to make it less noticeable.  I also painted the fender flares with plastidip.  The rubber texture is awesome.

Rear valence and wing installed:

Side skirts and flares installed:

I installed the other side a few days later:

Some people seemed to think the flares should be painted body color.  I think these people are INSANE.  I LOVE the look of the black flares.  SO TOUGH!

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