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02/19/10 - Interior wire tuck

I feel like it would always surprise people to know how long everything REALLY takes.  When you're doing a car like this, and every step requires THINKING as well as DOING, it just takes a long long time to get done.

The reason I say this is because it took me almost 5 hours to do "tuck" my wire harness up under the dash.  Granted this also involved cutting/mounting the glovebox and ECU, but it still just takes forever to do anything.  In stark contrast to this is that I can remove and install a water pump on the car (involving the removal of the timing belt) in 1.5 hours or so...  because that's all DOING.

The first thing I did yesterday was mount the glovebox.  Because of the cage and the location of the fuse block, it had to be generously notched, but it ultimately did fit:

Then I used a scraper, and laquer thinner to get the "velour"  off the glovebox under the ECU, so I would have a good, smooth contact area for the AEM supplied velcro.  So I mounted the ECU:

Worked out very nicely, glovebox closes smoothly.  There is just enough room for the serial cable to mount.  I also tucked the resistorpack up under the dash as well.  It's a good thing that there is no HVAC under here, because there isn't much room after the harness was stuffed up here:

I do have a "grommet" for the firewall pass-through.

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