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02/20/10 - Dash support/closeoff

The dashboard always felt a little too...  wobbly... in the center.  I had long planned on making a dash support of some kind.  I was planning on making just a simple bent 1" piece of steel that tied it to the tunnel.  However, by now you guys have realized that I never do anything like that.

I started by making some cardboard templates

Then made some mounting tabs out of 16GA 304SS:

Then made up the closeoff out of 16GA 6061.  It's VERY strong and ties everything together very tightly.  It also fits very well:

However, that's too much bare aluminum, so I'm with you guys on painting THIS part...

I had to plastidip the bumpertrim anyway, so I hit this part up as well:

I'll install it tomorrow.  I also plan on tucking the wires in the trunk tomorrow as well...  I still need to mount the front speakers somewhere, as well as install the seatbelts.

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