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02/26/10 - General update/Front valence

The manifold instalation went smoothly.  Plenum was reinstalled and everything sealed up great.  I used loctite 51531 flange sealer on either side of the plenum, throttle body, and intake manifold gaskets...  I block sanded the coolant pipe and it's mating surface on the intake manifold.  There was a slight defect on the pipe that I think helped cause the leak.  I used OEM nissan sealant on the waterpipe as well.  

I pressurized the system to 16psi and it held pressure overnight, so that's good!  Restarted the car and everything was tip-top.

Also got my new throttle cable installed.  NOTE TO ANYONE EVER PLANNING ON BUYING A LOKAR STAINLESS CABLE:  DON'T DON'T DON'T!!!  Get the black cable.  It's a MILLION times better.  The stainless cable collapses fairly easily and binds the cable.  The black is spiral wound and is much better.

So with that all squared away, I took some time and installed the front valence.  Mixed reviews on the look, but I LOVE IT.  I think it looks so effing mean...  Only thing I might change is adding a nice big front splitter...


I also rewelded my seat brackets because I picked up these:

and these!!!!!

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