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01/15/07 – Aligning the engine

 Got that laser level from harbor freight. They didn't have the 16 dollar one, so I had to buy the one that came with way more superfluous crap:


 It was 40 bucks. Meh, whatever.1


 So I butted the end up against the crank snout. Like so:


 Apparently my "eyecrometer"2 was right on... If you look carefully you can see the red dot right in the center of the diff flange.



 Since I know the motor is more or less in an good position, I started mocking up TEMPORARY3 motor mounts out of some angle stock I had laying around. I will finish these and post pictures tomorrow.


 The bolt hole in the lower angle is actually a ball joint on the lower control arm. The actual motor mount bolt is about 3" forward of that. The final finished motor mount will utilize both bolt locations to account for the fact that the motor is creating such a large moment on the crossmember.4 I may also triangulate the motor mounts forward into the radiator support or simply tie into the "frame rail". Either option will help stiffen the front end up.

 Aligning the motor was fairly easy.  I had to pry it around a little bit, but it was shocking how close to perfect it was just by setting it in the chassis the day before.  My plans for the motor mount at this point were bad.  But at that point I hadn’t put too much thought into it…  The names of these images are kevinwig (because I had taken pictures of Layzie in a wig the day before)


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(1)        I think I lost this as well…

(2)        Love that term

(3)        Despite being bolded and capped, I received a flood of comments about how these mounts wouldn’t hold…  I even went into detail in the next paragraph about my plans, but no one ever reads anything… Are you reading this?

(4)        This would have been a bad idea.

(5)        I did not end up doing this…