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03/01/10 - Interior CF Trim/Broke myself

I broke myself.  :(  I tried doing a rodeoflip over a hip at our local ski resort and dislocated my shoulder.  It was remarkably painful, and now I'm stuck in a sling.  I have some really good video from that day, waiting for mike to edit it, but I landed some pretty wild tricks that night.  I love snowboarding.  

Never one to let injury slow me down, it's amazing what you can do one-handed when you have a little help.  Kyle came over and we started installing the interior trim that arrived today.  I still wanna make a top cover for the back piece like the front piece, but I think it looks really good.

Can't wait to see it all cleaned up with the seats installed...

I need some oem interior trim pieces still, if you're parting an E30 and would like to donate I need:

*Weather stripping that seals between the window and the door card on the inside
*Metal clips that hold on the above and the door card...
*Passenger side door release trim
*B Pillar trim, both sides (on the body, not the door)


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