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03/06/10 - Front speakers and carpet

I was dreading making the mounting plates for the speakers, but all said and done it wasn't too hard.  I did the driver side first, thinking it was going to be the easier of the two.  It wasn't that hard and turned out to be the easier of the two.  It's made from 10GA Aluminum.  I wasn't super concerned about a tight fit because not only is it tucked up under the dash, but the driver's side is covered by a trim panel and the passenger side is covered by the glovebox.  Both speakers wind up being "inside" the dash, but they sound pretty good.  It should certainly be loud enough to hear over the roar of the engine... They actually fit pretty well, and are very sturdy...

Here's the driver's side installed:

And the passenger side:

The foam poking out from around the speakers are these:

Since the speaker doesn't really have any ENCLOSURE, the sound would actually kind of cancel itself out, so that's where those came into play.  Thanks for the tip, DirtE30.  Also, I cleaned up the glovebox a bit, too, and affixed the ECU interface to the DASH2 to the ECU case:

After that was complete, I tidied up the interior, the trunk, the garage, etc.  I installed my new rear view mirror that Matt (zoidberg) gave me, as well as bolted down my hood release handle.  I also installed the trim underneath the dash on the driver's side.

Then, it was time for the carpet.  I managed to get both the driver and passenger side done tonight.  It went perfect, except for one little detail.  I didn't really realize how profound the sheen on the carpet was, so when I bonded the two sheets for the driver's side, I kind of put in one, well, backwards.  I don't think it will be very noticeable once a) the car is back on the ground b) the steering wheel and seat is installed.  For the sake of pictures, I placed the passenger side seat in the car, it's not bolted in.  I'm going to save my templates in case I ever wanna change my mats to something different... I loooooooove the way it looks though.  Super stoked to get the seats and harnesses installed.  (I need to wait til I get the new LONG harnesses before I can install the seats).

Anyway, here's some pics!!!  The only thing left to do to the carpets is have the edge BOUND (locally at a place called pafco) and bolt them to the floor with some big fender washers...


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