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03/09/10 - More knob stuff, pedals and painted tunnel

I'll start with the tunnel.  After much deliberation, I decided to paint the tunnel with the same stuff I painted the floor with.  It's a decision I do not regret:

I felt like the pedals were a little on the BARE side...  Had to give them my custom touch...  so since I am having the splitter burned out of 10GA 5053 AL, I decided to have some pedal covers made as well.  I drew some with text, and some without.  Here are some renders of the ones WITH text...

E30 GT-R yooo.  fuhraze:


Lastly I drew a NEW shift knob...  :)  I give you, the jewknob:

I got that printed, shown with the NFG knob:

Then I got those bastards painted...  the jewknob is such a vile color.  I love it.  Both are going to get loaded with a 2 part clear coat before use...

Until next time. Stay posi.  :D

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