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03/12/10 - Seats and harnesses

Mike (Evolution VIII MR) came over to help me get the seats and harnesses and pedals and carpet in.  Not a lot to tell about that.  I was able to use almost all stock belt mounting points.  That's a plus.  I mounted them exactly to the specification in takata's manual... Here are pictures...

Check out the pedals!  They came out fucking sweet!

Bonus pictures:
Mike in his new suspenders:

Front splitter laser cut and powdercoated:

What's left before tuning, you ask?
*Cut another CF cover for the passenger side dash/cage hole.
*Install a new -4 90 degree fitting on the oil line (the one that's on there now is defective)
*Install front glass
*Install rear window trim
*Install driveshaft (ordered from
*Put coolant in it


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