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03/15/10 - Finishing touches, part 1

I have a tuning apointment on Thursday, my driveshaft is coming on Wednesday. In the mean time I have been trying to tidy up the loose ends.  This included the following:


• Installed front splitter (It's very sturdy and mounts to not just the valence, but the frame)
• Adjusted/leveled driver's seat
• Installed front glass into rubber seal


• Filled coolant
•  Replaced leaking oil feed fitting
• Added foam seal around hood to help close the gap a bit, looks good
• Installed lockstrip in windshield gasket (PAIN!)
• Added return spring to my accelerator pedal assembly
• Trimmed under dash panel so there is no contact at WOT
• Added 5th point to driver's side harness
• Installed passenger side door release trim
• Installed upper B Pillar trim
• Blacked out and installed rear quarter window trim
• Installed rear glass lockstrip
• Installed battery hold down that I made on saturday

What's left:

• Install wheels
• Install inner door weatherstripping (coming Tuesday)
• Install driveshaft
• Window locking mechanism?
• Side skirt clips???

I don't have too many pictures of this stuff because it's all fairly  uninteresting, I did snap some pics of the front of the car and the battery hold down, tho, so, here you go! Ignore my slovenly garage...

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