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01/16/07 – Temporary Engine Mounts

 Temporary motor mounts: COMPLETE

Finished up the temporary mounts. They are very secure, but obviously, there is some flexure from the length of the moment arm. Extending the mounts forward appears to be the most viable option, so i'll probably go that route for the final product. The final mounts will be laser cut and formed, not this hackneyed jumble of structural steel. 1

 Next step: cut out tunnel/floor as needed and build transmission mount....



 The temporary mounts were simple.  There wasn’t much to them, so it was a quick job.  At this point, though.  I was able to leave the engine in the car, which was actually a hinderance, considering that I had to push it out into the snow at the end of every work day.  That was not a pleasant task, but Don was being generous enough to allow me to store and work on the car at his shop, with his tools.


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(1)       Because of the simplicity of the final design I chose, there was no need to laser cut them.