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03/31/10 - Finishing touches, part 2

I apologize for how longt it's been without an update.  Here's what's happened...  Everything on the car was buttoned up.  I mean everything.  We put the car on the ground...  Stance is fucking awesome:

I got plates and insurance for it, then we trailered it to innovative tuning:

Once there we did a whole bunch of  testing and double checking.  We bled the coolant.  We smoke tested the intake tract.  This uncovered a leaky compressor housing and a leaky spring style hose clamp on the balance bar...  Fixing the compressor housing was easy...  Fixing the hose clamp took hours, as it was in a TERRIBLE location.  The we loaded it up on the dyno.  After much discussion and a bunch of tuning, we decided that I should switch to an ECU with more features and traction control capability.  Mike recommended ViPEC, and so I told him to go ahead and order one.  It has to come from Australia, so it should be here tomorrow!  YAY.  I also ordered a brand new Cam Angle Sensor (CAS) direct from Nissan ($350!!!).

The ViPEC ecu is plug and play, like the AEM, which is nice, however, it's just a replacement board that goes in the stock case.  Since I didn't have a lot to do while I wait for parts, I designed and built this ECU case (painted it World Rally Blue):

Also pictured is a badge I made for my hood.  I think it's subtle but awesome.  It took a few tries to get right (this is the second from last version) but it came out PERRRRFECT.  It's multi piece, painted, bonded, then cleared.... I was having issues with the glue getting all over when I was assembling it, so my final version was assembled, then glued from BEHIND, then sanded down... as shown here...

More updates soon, should be on the road soon!

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