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04/01/10 - Cleanup and workbench

My garage, after an entire winter of working on the car, was an atrocious mess.  Here are some highlights of messiness:

^^^ You can see car part mountain in the back of that pic...  I wish I had more pictures of how insanely messy my garage was...  Well...  it was time to clean up my act...  So I did...  It took 4 days (4 hours of sorting hardware), a bunch of plastic containers and a lot of trash, but here's what it looks like now:

But what my garage was ALWAY missing, was a workbench, so my Dad and Mike helped me build this bitchin one!  It's amazingly sturdy.  I'm so excited to finally use my vise...  (I had been using it bolted to a small board for the past 2 years!!!)

I am very excited about this development:


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