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04/20/10 - Clutch pedal repair (4:2000000 LOLLLL!!!)

Drugs suck.

I was driving back to work from lunch, when I noticed a distinct "crack " feeling through my foot as I depressed the clutch pedal.  I was able to limp it back to work, where I investigated after I got out.

It appears that the pedal simply fatigued to the point of failure along a seam due to the increased side loading caused by my heavy heavy pressure plate.  It also looked like the crack may have propogated from a spot that I nicked with the die grinder as well when I was modifying it back in 2007...

Here's a shot of it still in the car... (I encircled the broken area in pink)

Here's a shot of it removed from the vehicle...

I ground it down, welded it up, sandblasted it, then primed it.  I also added a brace on the opposite side for more support (brace shown in pink):

Once I got it all back together, the pedal feel was SOOO much better, as was the brake feel.  Before there used to be a significant amount of movement of the master cylinder when you stood on the brakes, now it's a lot more stable.  

In other news, my EBCS came in yesterday, just waiting on some fittings to hook it up, and time on the dyno...  


I got the car on Turbociv's lift, checked everything over and took this cool pic.  (My photoshop stitching skills are not on par w/ my fabrication skills)

Lastly:  My car was featured on the front page of!!!!


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