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01/18/07-Removing Stock Transmission Tunnel

 OK, worked on the tunnel today... well, removing it... We are going to make a custom tunnel for the transmission as well as the exhaust. Probably just formed mild steel1. We may make it a removable doghouse kind of thing.2

From engine bay:

Yeah, you've stood in your engine bay, but have you ever done this?3

Needs a bit more trimming. Just a little bit... 4

Tomorrow (or friday) I'll be finishing the trimming and building a transmission mount. We decided that since so much material was removed from the unibody, we are going to run some extra bolt-on stiffeners under the transmission.

Oh, and this came:


Cutting stuff out of a car is always awesome.  Especially huge chunks of metal.  The only thing I have done that supersedes this is when I cut the entire firewall out of my 240sx and a donor 18sx front clip.  This transmission is huge.  Maybe one day I will downgrade to an rb25 unit…


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(1)       Or Aluminum

(2)       We did

(3)       I can’t imagine that too many people have stood through a hole where there transmission tunnel once was…  Am I wrong here?

(4)       As recently as 2 months ago I was still trimming off bits of the tunnel.