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02/01/07 – Repairing the Floor 

Pretty simple yet a bit time consuming.

Yesterday I wire wheeled and sanded the driver's side floor pan making sure to get all of the rust off. Most of it was actually just rust dust from a few problem spots1:

Then, using some 16GA plates, I tacked the plates over the rust from the inside:

Next, I will fill in the seams with seam sealant and then paint the floorpan with rust inhibiting paint2. This is a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.


When I first started welding these in, I sucked at welding.  Most of my tacks were accompanied by a hole in the chassis of the car.  I got a lot better at heat control later.  Also, a lot of the holes were due to the undercoating burning and releasing gas that really effed up my welds.  Once I realized the importance of CLEANING the weld, my welding improved greatly…


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(1)   Rust always looks so much worse when it’s photographed with a flash…

(2)   I actually wound up solid welding most of this.  I will seam seal the rest, though.