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02/04/07 – Rust Repair cont’d 

Ok, here's some body shots...


A few blow holes, nothing that won't be taken care of with seam sealer1, but all in all a good solid repair.

The last shot is a good comparison for everyone who thinks the shell is beat... See the rust at the bottom? That's one day of surface rust on 100% new metal2... The camera REALLY makes it apparent... It's almost invisible to the naked eye... Same goes for a lot of the "rust" on the car... 3


I think that this came out well.  Hindsight, I should have solid welded this, instead of spot welding it.  But I was having a hard time even spot welding it.  It ultimately was mostly welded solid after the blasting…

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(3)   I was really sick of people telling me that the shell was junk.  I mean, sure it wasn’t a 100% perfect shell, but people seemed to think I was starting with a totally trashed car, which (while I admit the pictures seem to show this) it was not the case.