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02/09/07 – Final Manifold CAD Design


Schedule 10 304 SS.

Weight = 30.74 LBS... 1

Too bad I'm not baller enough to afford 321 thin wall... At 80 dollars for 180*, that's $1040 in tubing alone!!!! Yikes.2

The green parts are constraints from the car itself. Here are the listings of the length of the runners:3

  • Runner 1: 20.790

  • Runner 2: 20.861

  • Runner 3: 20.794

  • Runner 4: 20.759

  • Runner 5: 20.801

  • Runner 6: 20.786

Standard deviation: .033 (1/32)4

Wastegate will probably be added after the fact...5


This is really fun to do.  I would totally freelance design manifolds for the right price.  I’d have to get good at TIG welding if I wanted to sell completed manifolds, though.  Right now anything I try and TIG turns into a banana.

Wastegate was simple.

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(1)   Wowzers!

(2)   321 Manifolds are crazy expensive.  Even knowing how much I would ultimately spend on the car I STILL would probably not make a 321SS manifold

(3)   I am pretty stoked about how close the lengths were…

(4)   It’s funny that I calculated this.