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02/10/07 – Wheel Decision:

Oh, and I also plan on scooping up a set of these:


These wheels took FOREVER to get (7 months) and cost about $2800.  Haha!

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(1)       There are a few mistakes early on…  I initially believed the car to be an 86 when it was, in fact, an 87.

(2)       I definitely did not pick up the shell that weekend

(3)       There was actually very little interest on the Lotus Board, yet I continued to update the site regularly, simply because there WAS no interest.  It was easy for me to keep track of my own posts without them being cluttered by people asking me if I was keeping the AWD setup

(4)       I never did get the wiring harness or ECU.  The clutch was actually a Nismo 3 puck clutch.

(5)       I don’t think that a 1986 328e ever existed.

(6)       HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!