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02/11/07 – Building the Collector

 So I took the patterns I made, cut them out, wrapped them around the pipe (1 1/2 sch 10 304SS) took them to a band saw1, then a massive belt sander2, tacked them all together with a MIG (309SS wire) and here is the result. I also drilled and tapped my 1/2 T3 Flange (will be studded)3

Pretty good for my first collector!  I still need to machine it flat, because it warped a bit after I welded it…  I should have waited until after it was welded to drill and tap…

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(1)   I think I wrecked at least 2 band saw blades.

(2)   If you are ever going to build a schedule 10 manifold, make SURE you have access to a really good, large belt sander.

(3)   I might be able to get away with using bolts, but studs would probably be best.