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04/02/07 – Tunnel Completion, Headliner/Sunroof Removal

4X4 Jimmy did a nice job welding up my transmission tunnel. Huge thanks to him. Here it is installed. I wish the hole for the shifter was about 3/8" more forward1, but I think this will do just fine:

Then I got to work removing the sunroof mechanism so it can be welded shut. Making a new headliner is going to be a small PITA2, but I have to get it done before the cage goes in (about 12 days):


Look at all that wiring piled in the back seat of the car!  I really think I should change to nutserts on the car body.  The stainless steel nuts I welded on have a tendancy to gall and shear the bolts.

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(1)       This is a direct result of putting the tunnel OVER the mild steel vs. INSIDE it.