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04/04/07 – Sunroof Welding

OK, tonight I welded in the sunroof.

Step One - Remove all paint from sunroof edges:

Step Two - Remove all paint from sunroof hole in body:

Step Three - Cut metal to fill gap where rubber sunroof seal was:

Step Four - Weld the strips to the body around the perimeter of the roof:

Step Five - Place sunroof in hole. Shim up the bottom with wood until it is aligned properly.1

Step Six - Apply approximately sixty 1/4" welds2 to connecting the sunroof to the strips and the body:

Step Seven - Apply primer3:

The crack will be filled and blended with body filler. The idea is to attach the roof strongly enough such that is doesn't flex and crack the filler. This should be plenty.

 There was lots of interest on the BMW boards about shaving the sunroof.  I saw some really ghetto jobs where people had just riveted/screwed sheet metal over the hole and then tried to glass over it!

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(1)       One of the corners dropped down kind of far, Wish I would have noticed it.

(2)       Later replaced with a number of 2” welds.