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04/14/07 – Motor Mounts Completed

Rubber mounts are for pussies.1

I welded up some motor mounts today. The pictures look like crap because I took them about 2 seconds after liberally dousing them with flat black spray paint.2

I basically welded them right to the frame rails of the car. There is a relatively large backing plate of 1/4" mild steel solid welded to the frame rail, then gussets made of 1/4" and 7ga mild steel holding the motor.


Compared to the stock mounts, this would probably hold a bridge3.


Front Driver

Front Passenger

Back Driver. (You can see the backing plate in this picture)


I actually re welded these after they were blasted to ensure that I had good penetration.  The are definitely VERY firmly affixed.  I could have made some elaborate formed/lasered mounts, but it just didn’t seem prudent to do so, considering that you cannot see them, and it would have taken substantially more time.  The gussets wrap around to the bottom of the frame rail.

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(1)       Welcome to Shaketown, USA.  Population, Me.

(2)       Nothing screams good photo opportunity like wet paint.

(3)       A small bridge.