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05/22/07 – Cage Complete/Radiator (and support) Complete

Quick pictures. Built the lower radiator supports1, but a bad call on a bleeder screw location is going to require a minor change.2 

The cage needs to be changed. The door bars hit the shoulder bolsters on the seats3 and the harness bar needs to be moved back a bit4, but Vito said he will make the changes for free5.


Summer was almost here and work was about to come to a halt.  It was nice out and I was driving my Elise and STi.  I was riding my motorcycle and Jetski.  I was hanging out every night and going to shows.  Summer Rules.

The cage was pretty nice, all of the welds were nice.  The main hoop could have been back a lot further, which would have made fitting the passenger seat in much easier, but the way Vito built it was the NHRA way.

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(1)       Used UPPER radiator mounts from a Honda Civic to hold the pins at the bottm.

(2)       I intended to put the bleed screw on the back of the radiator, but it was far too close to the frame, so I had the bleeder cut off and moved to the front.  It took me about 9 months to pick it up again from Moxies.

(3)       They were SOOOO high.

(4)       Every bit of four inches.

(5)       Then he charged me 100 bucks.  Eh.