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02/05/08 – Rotisserie and Blasting

Here are the brackets that I made to mount the car on the rotisserie1. It's a 4X4X.375 wall tube. I drilled holes and welded some nuts to the outside to lock it. The inside is shimmed so it appropriately matches the outside of the main rotisserie tube2. Perpendicular is a 1 1/4 SCH40 pipe that inserts into the bumper shock holes.3

The blaster was having some troubles with the wheel wells, so I came and ground out the heavy stuff so they can blast the rest off.4

To get an idea of what the underbody looked like before it was blasted (I had already scraped a lot at this point)5:

Here is what it looked like when I showed up. You can still see that the wheel wells are more or less untouched:

Then I used a wire wheel and a pistol grip sander to remove most of the rubber in the wheel wells. This stuff was almost 1/8" thick in spots!!!!6


The blasting of the car really revamped my interest in it.  It was one of the first times when things looked considerably better than it had when I started.  This was a trend I liked.  Having the car on the rotisserie was cool as well.  It makes for interesting pictures and conversation.  Jesse really helped me out a lot by letting me screw with this in his shop.  I had to take time off of work to do it, but it was worth it in the end.

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(1)       My buddy Dave welded them.  I thought having a trained welder take care of it was a better idea than having the car fall on someone…

(2)       I didn’t feel like trying to obtain slip fit tube in that size.

(3)       Compliances in the rotisserie actually made the assembly lurch a bit when it was rotated.  Next time I will make sure that it picks up the bolts for the bumper shocs as well.

(4)       NO FUN

(5)       It looked vile.

(6)       SERIOUSLY.  AWFUL.