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02/06/07 – Mtech1

Just drove to Massachusetts and back after work1.  Got back about 4:20AM2.  I picked up Euro Bumpers and an OEM Mech1 Body kit...  Here's an example of these items on a black car (use your imagination and picture the fender flares on it)

Body kit looks like this... I think it will look even sweeter with the flares!3:



I tried getting this dude to ship the stuff for a while, but he didn’t really want to so I had to make the trip.  It was about 160 dollars in gas, which I suppose is far less than shipping, so it was worth it.  The trip was fun.  I drove the whole way, about 11 hours total.  I also got a Full Throttle – One Bad Mother energy drink, which kept me going at FULL THROTTLE!

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(1)       With Kcuv

(2)       Wassaaaaaaa

(3)       It will

(4)       Beware of R3vlimited users…