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02/11/08 – Undercoating

Before anything else:

HUGE THUMBS UP TO JESSE AT BLAST OFF.  He is a great guy.  Not only did he deal with me working on my car at his shop, but he even helped me paint it.  He is a real stand up dude.  He is very honest about what he can and cannot do, and will work his ass off to make you happy.  10/10.  If you need ANYTHING blasted, this is the guy to see...

Ok, I dropped about 200 bucks on paint supplies today. Gallon of Por15, Gallon of metal ready, Brushes, rags, towels etc.

Got to the BLAST OFF INC ( got started right away.  The first step was to coat the car with POR15 METAL READY.

It's an etching fluid that allows the por15 to stick.  You brush it on and then hose it off.  However, I had to sponge/wipe it off because I didn't have a hose.  It leaves a zinc phosphate coating on the metal and helps with the adhesion of the paint.  Here's what it looks like after it's all said and done:

The man, the legend.  Mr. Blast Off himself

Now I turned to my can of POR-15 Rust Preventative Paint.  This stuff was almost 130 bucks, but I'm told is worth every penny.

You are not supposed to get this on your skin.  That's what the warning on the top of the can is...  It states that if it dries on your skin, it won't come off for weeks...

Needless to say, I am covered in it.

Including my face.


I tried sanding it off my face.1


But the car came out great!!!

About 10 bucks worth of paint...

Overall, I am very pleased with the way it came out.  It still needs another coat, as well as a topcoat of a regular paint, but I am confident that the shell will never rust again...

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(1)       It took about 3 weeks for this stuff to come off of my skin.  It’s still on my glasses.