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02/29/08 – Fender Flares

My buddy came over last night and helped me start installing the flares.  Needless to say, they don't fit very well out of the box.  About 90% of the way through the install i discovered that these are made from a thermoplastic material, not thermoset. (Urethane is a thermoset meaning it cannot be liquefied and still retain it's original properties)  That said, the flares are ABS and are very easily molded with heat.  Had I figured this early on, I may have approached this a bit differently.  There is a slight kink that I need to massage out, but i think it's going to look pretty rad.


I am going to paint them satin black.  I want them to retain that "I don't give a f*ck what I have to do to put wider tires on look"


Oh, and

PS, the fuel door is actually being welded/glassed in, as the fuel cell is in the trunk.

PPS:  The screws used are only temporary.  I will ultimately use a button head cap screw, but I need to get the correct nutserts

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