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03/06/08 – Body Work, cont’d

Last night more time was spent on the body.  First, some pictures from what was done yesterday:

Front fender cut out with nutsert installed:

Rear fender cut out and nutserts installed.  It's hard to see but there is now a gap between the inner fender and the outer fender...  This will need to be welded closed.

That was about all I got done yesterday...  Here's a a pair of different views, showing the NARROWBODY CONVERSION:

So then on to new stuff.

The first thing I did was to weld up the gap created by cutting out the rear fenders:

Next I laid down more weld on the sunroof...  don't want that to crack (only did half)

Then I welded up the hole where the fuel door was:

Meanwhile Xeon was doing his thing:

It's getting a lot closer.  Removing the moldings is really going to modernize the car, while still maintaining the boxy hotness!


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