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03/22/08 – Driver’s Seat Brackets

Glad I got the hard side out of the way first.

Here’s some pictures of the passenger side seat brackets.

It had to be pretty complicated to fit over the hole where the tunnel goes.  I added a strength plate to the rear of the inboard bracket floor.  I need to add some metal to the body and notch some out of the tunnel, I wish I had a TIG so that I could weld the tunnel myself…

Then I1 made the brackets for the passenger side.  It was very simple and straightforward.

Here’s what the brackets look like:

And the seat installed:

Things left on the body before paint:

  • Adjust FMIC placement slightly L to R, trim Valence accordingly2

  • Sideskirt clips

  • Roof3


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(1)       Thanks also: Dan C.

(2)       Needs to slide about ¼ to the driver’s side