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05/03/09 - Painting the cage and engine bay

It's been a REALLY REALLY long time since I updated this, but I'm back at it.  It's gone through a lot of shuffling around and trailering and blah blah blah.  

Well, the car sat for a really long time.  The headliner had been damaged by the blasting pretty badly, so I temporarily stapled it up.  I trailered the car to a friends house and he did a bunch of body work on the car, mostly to the roof.  Then we brought it back to my house to paint the engine bay and interior.  Once this is done I can work on installing most of the components into the car without worrying about damaging the new paint.

Now that the car was back at my place, the first step was to paint the roll cage.

Basic spray can job in flat black:

You can see the shaved door moldings in these pics.  They came out really cool.  The cage looked really good in flat black, too.

Next I had to mask off the headliner and cage:

Then I built a booth around the car and wet the floor down:

And then we sprayed the car.  The color isn't exactly what I wanted.  In natural light it is very very gold.  Almost mustardy yellow.  I hate yellow cars.  Under flourescent lights, however, it looks really really green.  The color is really interesting though, but I might get it tinted a little more green, still unsure.

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