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05/16/09 - Suspension installation: Part 2

Assembled the rear subframe.  Pressing in the new poly bushings wasn't too difficult, all the parts were nicely powder coated...

That in itself created a little bit of a problem.  A long time ago I had the rear subframe powdercoated.  Then I remembered that I had purchased the Ireland Engineering camber kit.

This was a weld on kit with eccentric bolts that you rotate to change camber (inside bushing) and toe (outside bushing).  Since I had to weld on the subframe and powdercoat again, I had to strip off all the old powdercoat.  That was NOT easy.  3 trips through the automatic blaster, a belt sander, hand sanding and manual blasting later, I was able to weld and re-coat the part.

Welding the parts on was pretty easy, I had to do some extra fabricating, though, because the camber adjusters weren't all that well designed.

Here is a shot of the subframe assembled:

And a close-up of the camber adjusters.  Basically the channel portion that the eccentric bolt rides in welds onto the subframe, then you slot the existing holes.  Turning the bolt allows the bushing to ride up and down (foreground, camber) and forward and backward (background, toe)

Then I painted the rear dif.  It took so fucking long to clean it...  Like 4 hours.  Just adding to the rainbow of colors!  I used duplicolor 500 degree engine block paint to the dif. I used the some very aggressive stripper/degreaser to clean it.

A few shots of that:

Next, I installed the Ireland Engineering rear swaybar.  The factory swaybar uses only one bolt and a tab to hold it on.  The Ireland mounts use that one bolt, and then require the drilling of 2 more holes into the trunk then a backing plate.  Much much stronger.

I didn't install the end links yet, because I'm not sure if they're going to be in the way while installing the dif.

While the paint was drying I installed the subframe...  alone.  Kind of a pain in the ass to do alone, but it's done.  :)  I was worried that the subframe was going to be slightly warped from the automatic blaster, but it fit in fine.  Finally something going right!  I really need to re-spray the wheel wells.

Tomorrow I am probably going to rhinoliner the trunk and clean the transmission for installation...

Monday should be wheel bearings...

I need rubber spring seats and shock mounts before i can install the rear suspension, and strut bearings before I can install the front suspension...

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