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05/28/09 - Engine problems.

I was pulling the timing covers off the engine to paint them when I noticed a small oil leak at the cam seal.  This prompted me to buy a new gasket, which led me to the purchase of a new gasket kit.  Since the kit included a head gasket and i was 75% of the way to removing the head, I decided I would just replace the factory gasket with a fresh one.  No big deal.

Then trouble struck.  I pulled the head to discover that the motor had been the victim of sever detonation.  The bores were beat and the pistons worse.  So that prompted another purchase.  Or group of purchases, rather.

Wiseco 87mm Pistons
Eagle Rods
N1 Oil Pump
Jun Oil Pump Drive Collar
Cometic 87mm Head gasket
OEM Gasket kit
ARP head studs


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