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06/19/09 - Brake Lines, Polished Alternator

Finished all the brake lines.  Still need to make mounting tabs though.

Here are the braided connections to the rear:

Here is the T area near the rear dif.  In the Background you can see the line from the master where it pierces into the cabin:

Then the line running up to the prop valve:

The prop valve line runs forward up the firewall and in the background of the pic you can see where it pierces through under the master:

Here is the braided connection for the front caliper:

Which then feeds this line that goes across the firewall:

And then into this T, which connects to the driver front and then into the master.  (IDK why it looks so wet down there.  Fluids haven't touched this car in ages.  Haha.  You can also see the bulkhead fitting where the rear line ties in:

Also polished the alternator:



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