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07/02/09 - BIGGER Brake kit

This weekend I pulled all the fuel lines and brake lines out, painted the holes I had drilled for the mounting hardware. I also added some mounts for the brake lines.

While i was under there, I had to put por 15 back on places where i had welded the seat rails in, because it had burned off.

I also installed the oil restrictor that I made in the block.

Lastly, I made brackets from 3/8 304SS to mount my new bigger front brakes, which arrived today (so did my wheel studs... FINALLY)

Here is the new 13" rotor (foreground), the old 11.75 rotor (background) and the new 6 piston differential bore caliper.

WHEEL STUDS INSTALLED. Love the "extended stud look"

New caliper on new bracket with OLD ROTOR

For reference, here's where the old caliper sat:

Had these rotor hats made at work:


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