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07/10/09 -Assembling top end

Took a half day and worked on the top end from 12-11. About half this was already done from a few days ago...

Head on:

Intake manifold on:

Coolant pipe on:

Balance tube and IAC valve on (also a ghetto hose clamp in the middle of a hose trying to relieve a kink):

Kink fixed with prebent tube, waterneck on:

Injectors and oil filter in:

Fuel rail on:

Plenum on:

Cams in, with custom valve shims...

Timing backing plate:

Timing gears and belt installed. All tensioned:

Rocker covers on:

Another shot:

Everything else. It's not really pink in person, it's more purple. The camera just doesn't represent it very well.

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