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07/21/09 - AN Plumbing

I spent a few hours last night buttoning up the AN Plumbing on the car. DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS!

Oil feed and cooling lines:

The coolant line attaches to a nipple on the water outlet.  Instead of going through the hassle of welding on an AN bung, I simply used a hose end cover.  It's a little corny, but it looks pretty good.

Ran the lines to the Aeromotive FPR.  I still need to put a plug in the other port.  I also cut off the vac port for the old charcoal canister and plugged it, then added another clamp for the fuel feed line at the back of the plenum.  You can see what's missing if you compare it to THIS pic.

Another shot of the FPR

I wish you could see the brackets that I made for the brake booster line.  I made 3 stainless L brackets and used them to mount line clamps to.  They came out really nice and hold the vacuum line very straight.  I am planning on mounting the check valve in between the two closest to the camera.  Again I used hose finishers to clean up the look.

Another shot of the FPR showing the cable clamps holding the return line.

Another shot of the brake booster vacuum line.  There's a clamp that's hard to see mounted to the head lifting bolts.  (The other two are off the plenum and intake studs)  

Shot of the drain and coolant line.  I made both the drain flange and the block flange, wish I had a pic of them off the car, they came out awesome. I still have to do something with this coolant line.  

Here's a shot of th block flange on the car.

I also took the rotor hats off the car so I can get them anodized.  

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