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08/04/09 - Beather Lines & Package Tray

Added a line clamp for the oil feed line and installed the EGT fitting into the manifold.  The schedule 10 should be thick enough to not weld a bung on there, time will tell.

Powdercoated coolant pipes installed, you can also see where I am going to weld the BOV flange on.

Steph's baffled catch can installed.  You can kinda see how the lines route now.  One more line comes from the bottom of the catch can to the exhaust scavenger, which will be after the WG return and flex section.

A shot of the line feeding the catch can and also notice the brake booster check valve installed in-line.  Again, trying to keep it ultra clean looking, this time line mounts to firewall.

Rear [B][U][I]PACKAGE TRAY[/I][/U][/B] dyed black and installed.  Instead of factory mounting I simply chose to use 2 stainless self-tapping screws in the front and clips in the back.

Lastly for tonight:  Back Glass.

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