THANKS (In no order):

Earle Newman

For support (in a number of ways), tool storage, and teaching me how to work on stuff.

Don B.

Owner of the now defunct Hybrid Connection.  Don helped me a lot with some planning, and provided space, tools, parts, a lift and his time.  Thanks.

Gary B.

Also of HC.  Loaned me his WG flex section, a lot of tools and, occasionally his hands.

Mike M.

Owner of Innovative Tuning ( ).  Storage of parts/engine.  Parts sales, advice.


Towed my chassis a number of times.

Josh R.

Lent me his trailer numerous times.

Dan C.

Helped me install fender flares, and more.

John D.

Helped me install the fender flares

Andy Z.

Bodywork, paint

Kyle C.

Another hand!

Andy W.

Another Hand!

Jesse T.


Mike D.

Subframe removal, Comic relief.

Matt the welder

Of HC.  Welded my exhaust/manifold.

Brian B.

Free Sideskirt Clips!

Luke L.

Wiring Stuff!

Tom M.

Hookup @ Moxies Radiator

Nameless Employees at my work (for your own job security)

Hooking me up with parts, services and material


ANYONE I FORGOT.  Let me know, I’ll add you.  It’s been 16 months…  It’s hard for me to remember everyone who’s helped, I’m sure there are many, many more.